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I'm looking to introduce some decent sound to my TV setup for less than £500 if possible. Several basic questions come to mind.

1) Is there a good, low-priced receiver with speakers but no blu-ray? I already have blu-ray and DVD players (plus Sky and DVD recorder). I'm looking at the Sony BDV-N590 Surround system (recommended in What Hi-Fi), but it includes a blu-ray player that I don't need and has only two HDMI inputs. I'm also looking at the Yamaha RX-V667 (or RX-V373) receiver which has five HDMI inputs, but speakers are not included so presumably I'd have to buy those separately - thus breaking the budget even though I've excluded the blu-ray player.

2) I have an imported Region A blu-ray player. Will it work thru a receiver bought in the UK?

3) Can I effectively increase the number of HDMI inputs by using an HDMI switch? Are there any significant disadvantages to doing this?

4) Do I need an ethernet input for streaming (e.g. from Netflix)? My PC has an HDMI out - can't I just connect that to an HDMI In on the receiver?




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You should look at the Yamaha 298 and there is also an Onkyo system that is similar. Will have more connectivity than an all in one system and sound better too.
Your bluray player will work fine with any receiver you get. A switch could increase the number of HDMI inputs but most receivers should have more than enough so should be no need for a switch.
Your PC should connect to the receiver via HDMI no issue.

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