Receiver or amplifier?


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Back again I'm afraid guys - talk about indecisive.

As a recap, I have Ruark prologue 1 fronts, dialogue 1 centre, epilogue 1 rears and logrhythm SB.

I sold my yammy DSP-A2 some months back with the intention of grading up to 6.1, but also to possibly have something which would be better in the stereo department.

I felt the yammy was a very good HC amp, but lacked in clarity for plugged in CD player etc. As well as not having 6.1 capability of course.

So, after much valued help on the forum, (and my loacl 'Soundcraft' specialist) I have demo'd out both the Denon 3802 & the Sony STRVA555ES. Believe it or not, my other half actually wanted to listen in as well - that was a first!!

Anyway, although the sound felt overall 'rounder' with the Denon, the Sony was definitely a little crisper, but also we felt harsher.

The crunch came when the specialist played a regular CD, and the dialogue of Mr Knopfler was more distinguishable with the Sony. But we both agreed the HC experience was better with the Denon.

I'm beginning to wonder if paying all this dosh for a receiver is perhaps, for us, not such a wise decision. If I were to spend the money on a dedicated cinema amp instead, any thoughts on what's worth looking at for 7 to 850 quid? I'm not against getting a second amp for regular music, only considered a receiver as a lazy way out!!

Thanks for any input


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If you liked the Yammy, why not try out the AX1, as its being replaced next year it you might find a cheap deal, I use this as my main amp and don't have problems with its clarity. Worth a listen at any rate.

Never liked the idea of a receiver having a tuner inside just adds more circuits that really don't need to be there, just complicateds things.


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Thanks for that -

I'll have a look at the specs, but I was fairly keen to get something up do date without an imminent replacement in the offing!!

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