Receiver or Amp.... whats best for 5.1 surround??


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which is better my red car or your white car?

doesn't make a difference


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AV Recievers are just AV Amps with a radio tuner added.

Often the AV Recievers are lower end products where as at the very high end, users don't want the radio so Denon / Pioneer / Marantz / etc make Amplifiers at this price point.

So basically is you've buying lower end you'll get a Reciever ... buy higher end and you're more likely to get an Amp.

I guess Yamaha are a little different in this respect as they make (or certainly used to make) most of their AV Amp/Recievers in two versions ... one with a tuner (the Reciever) and one without (the Amp).


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