Receiver Only Displays LPCM


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According to the booklet that I got with my receiver amp, there are indicators on the display panel showing if soundtracks such as DTS-HD MSTR are being decoded.

However, on watching a film with such a soundtrack last night, only LPCM was displayed on the panel. I've since used it for films with Dolby Digital soundtracks and the display has correctly reflected this. The audio input mode is set to auto, as the booklet instructs; there's nothing else I apparently need to do. Should it be displaying LPCM?

The model is Sony's STRDH820.


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It has nothing to do with the receiver. You need to ensure that the player is set to bitstream/auto and turn any secondary audio/bd mix options off. At the minute, your player is decoding the audio and outputting it as LPCM. You are hearing the exact same audio, it's just that the audio has been decoded in the player and not the receiver, thereby you are not seeing the audio format on the front panel of the receiver as the receiver doesn't know what the audio format was to start with.

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