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Receiver location



Newbie question..

I am considering placing my new AV receiver on a shelf about a foot or so above my REL subwoofer.

Is this going to cause either item a problem (i.e. magnetic interference etc)?



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I doubt magnetic interference would be a problem - the only potential issue could be re vibration (though personally I have never understood how vibration could effect an amp) but this would easily enough be fixed with an isolation platform


Thanks folks.
Just to be safe, what is an isolation platform and where can I find information on how to get one?

the mechanic

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An isolation platform does basically what the name suggests, it is a secondry support that goes between the shelf and whatever equipment you put on it to cut down on vibrations, in your case the amp, but can be any other piece of kit.
You can help isolate unwanted vibrations by using some blu-tack under the feet of the amp, or as suggested by WHAT HI-FI, use two squash balls cut in half and place one under each "foot" of the amp.
I have also found a link that shows how to build a DIY platform http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/sandblaster_e.html
There are purpose made platforms you can buy, but can work out expensive especially if you only want to experiment first.
Take a look at some of these aswell http://search.ecoustics.com/Editorial/Reviews/Stands-or-Racks/Recent-Date/All/

Hope this helps ?



Thankyou very much for your very helpful reply.
I am just starting in this area.

I currently have:
Hometheatre Universal remote

A set of Monitor Audio speakers (about 10 years old with a great sound),

Media player Hapaauge MPV with network link back the office.

Sony DVD player DVP S7700 (probably will be replaced by DVD Recorder)

Cheapo VHS recorder (will be replaced by DVD Recorder)

Kenwood Dolby stack system (UD-951M) - Not great sound quality & old (twin tape decks, 7 stack DC (probably the most useful bit)radio etc) - don't sound too bad now that I have hooked up the Monitor speakers - will be replaced by Denon AV Receiver

Will be purchasing:
Denon 3805

DVD HDD recorder (don't know which one yet).

46" Flat screen TV (Plasma or LCD but don't know yet as will be doing this next year)

In fact that is all I will have when finished (DVD Recorder, Denon, Media player and TV)!!!


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