Receiver linked to a stereo amp?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Sharpy14, Mar 10, 2006.

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    If knowledge is power, I am feeling a bit weak.

    I have a good stereo amp linked to an old pro logic processor. I want to keep using the stereo amp for surround sound and normal stereo use, but also use it for the front LR speakers in a surround setup (as I do now) and to complicate matters, now have an XBOX 360 that needs an optical input on whatever receiver, to run surround sound (which my old trusty porcessor does not have). A replacement receiver is therefore called for

    Now then, I am advised that if a receiver has "Preouts", I can simply run a L and R cable from this, to the stereo amp (to power the LR speakers when running surround sound), and run the other speakers from the receiver. I have seen some receivers with just one preout (for the subwoofer), but think the Pioneer VSX915, which has 7 channel preouts, would do the trick??, in which case I assume (never a good idea), I would just connect the preout for the LR fronts on the reciver, to the inputs on the stereo amp?

    Does this sound about right and is there another receiver that can also do this, for under £250?

    As for the Xbox, I assume (again), that the optical output from the Xbox just goes to an optical IN on the receiver, and voila?

    Oh, last and silly question, having had Prologic for some years, am I going to notice a big difference with the Dolby Digital sound?

    Thanks in advance:)
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    Yes the receiver has to have pre-outs for front LR. The pre-out sor subwoofer is something else altogether.

    Another way is possible, using the tape loop of the receiver and stereo amp but you'll have to take care with gains.

    For surround sound on the Xbox you will have to use an optical input on the receiver.

    Dolby digital and DTS are in a completely different league from prologic. The difference is staggering. Even prologic II doesn't come close.

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