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I have just bought a Pioneer 812 receiver, which is linked to my Pace Digibox with decent leads. Speakers are JM Lab Sib & Cub.

My digibox is connected by phono leads to the 812 (new, reasonable quality B-Tech Professional leads), but when playing SKY sound there is slight interference on virtually all of the PLII / NEO settings (“Standard” sound modes on the receiver). This interference is not present when playing back video tapes or DVDs so I assume it is not an issue with unshielded cables / speaker failure / power source.

Although speech is through the centre speaker (which does not appear to be effected by the problem), if you listen to any of the surround speakers there is a slight sqwelchy reverb with speech – a bit like the sound of an old style modem dialling up, but echoing behind the speech. When speech stops, so does the interference.

Using the digibox without the receiver / speakers there is certainly no interference heard through the normal TV speakers. The digibox signal tests are reasonable (strength 50%, signal quality 60%), so I do not necessarily think I am just hearing a poor Sky audio signal being highlighted.

Anyone with any ideas how this can be removed – Creative Audio (vendor) believe it may be digital artefacting from the SKY signal, so basically I just have to live with it !



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Sqwelchy noises from the rears is normal, i take it you can only hear this with your ear right up to the speakers.In fact i have just had a listen (the bill) sqwelchy noises from speach at the rears.

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