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Given that I've more or less settled for getting a set of A. Gallos Micros + sub, what is the least I should be looking at to run the little buggers.
As they are more expensive than my original budget allowed for speakers, I'm now lowering my sights on the receiver front from £1000 to nearer £500.
My current fave is the Marantz 7300, but other ideas are welcome even if it means looking further up the financial scale. My DVD is a Sony NV900s.
TV is Philips 28" widescreen (yes I know, but it will take all my Jedi mind tricks to convince the missus to spend 2 grand on this little lot, so the plasma will have to wait).

cheers, cookie


basically you can get any amp/receiver you want but as said by Eric himself even an Upgraded A1SE is not too good for these things.

Originally posted by uncle eric
In short, the AVCA1SE is definately NOT too good for the Gallo's. The higher up the amp/processor ladder you go, the better the Gallo's get.[/QUOTE

Course you don't actually have to get a A1SE, you could always look at ex-flagship amps like the A10SE or the old yammys if you are not too bothered about extended suround formats.

If you are getting 7 of the little blighters though then the 7300 would be a good choice or maybe a denon 3802 (£600 new).
I have been offered one for £540 in gold with a 6 month warranty if you are interested, its practically new (customer return from a denon dealer)



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Thanks for your kind offer Shaun, but I'm not a great fan of the 3802, both in terms of cosmetic looks and musical ability. Still its interesting to know that the Gallos will accomodate future upgrades! I think at the moment I'll wait until I can audition the Gallos with the Marantz and take it from there.



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I'm running them with the 5300 and they sound great. Can't give you a more detailed idea of the sound as I'm currently sub and surround-less.:D

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