Receiver for Monitor audio silver 50/c150


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I'm looking to upgrade at some point soon. I've decided on Monitor Audio Silver range. I think the 50s will be fine as front left/right as the room is not huge, and the c150 centre. My current fronts are mordaunt short aviano 1s and centre aviano 5 (which I find a bit boomy - too much bass in men's voices).

My current receiver is an old Denon avr-2310 which I'm thinking won't do those speakers justice. I've always liked Denon so I'm looking at either the avr-x2*** series (AVR-X2700H etc) or avr-x3*** series. Budget is tight (I'll likely get an older one from ebay rather than this year's model). Just wondering whether going as far back in time/down the range as avr-x2300w will be good enough? I appreciate that you can always spend a bit more and get something better, and that the audyssey system is higher spec on the avr-x3***, but I'm just wanting to know if this will be good enough for a nice, noticeable improvement? Happy to consider non-Denon receivers too, but I'm much more familiar with Denon.

Many thanks for any advice.


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3700 has pre outs, so I would go for that if you plan to add power amplifiers later. Better room EQ also.


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Thanks, but this isn't something I can imagine I would ever use. The room EQ is definitely a factor. Having only ever used Audyssey on my current receiver, I'm unsure as to how noticeable the difference would be on the higher end version.

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