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    I recently got a SVS SB12-NSD from my brother and since i don't have any music system since i moved and sold of my bose 5.1 (wich i never liked) i am planning to set up a 2.1 configuration.
    15 years ago i had a pair of paradigm bookshelves and a sub wich i loved! But since it's hard o get paradigm in sweden these days i have listened to kef's r100 and i'm pretty sold (they had a huge sound stage). I've also listened to PSB imagine mini wich also sounded great but i'm afraid they will sound to small in my large living room.
    Well what i'm getting at is i'm uncertain what type of receiver to get, stereo or avr? I'm leaning towards avr since i like the funktionality.
    It will strictly be for music (for a few years anyway).
    The positioning of the speakers will be very limited (as in where my wife says) including the sub. So how much will a 2.1 system gain from room correction like audyssey? The denon avr-1612 is pretty cheap at the moment and it has audyssey multeq, will it be sufficient? Other options are denon 1713 and marantz 5006 with multeq xt, is it that much better for almost twice the price?
    Well i'm rambling but i would really some input in what amp to get for a 2.1.

    Kind regards

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