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Receiver/DVR box issue



Maybe the good people in the UK can help me

All right AV Geniuses - Try to figure this one out:

I live in Dallas, (not a Cowboys fan so don't flame), and if you didn't know, Dallas cable, unlike 99% of the country, is split into 2 sides - A and B. So if you have a digital cable box, you need two coax's to plug into the box. I currently have Comcast service with a Moto 6208 HD DVR single tuner box.

My first question: Does anyone know whether it is possible to have a dual tuner box, with DVR,HDTV, the fixins like the Moto 6412 Series III in a dual sided cable environment (A&B)?

More importantly, I am not able to receive a complete picture on my TV when I connect my Comcast DVR to my Sony DA7100ES Receiver. When I connect by DVI-HDMI, I get a picture for about 1-2 seconds with no sound, then the signal completely breaks up. I spent countless hours on the phone with Comcast (completely useless) and Sony - very genuinely wanting to help be but no resolve yet. The sony engineers state that the most probable cause for the HDMI issue is HDCP that doesn' t communicate. When I connect by component, all I get is a broken horizontal lines flickered with a solid green screen. Regarding the component connection, there is a page in the sony manual stating that the signal received by component (or lower) can only be 480i or less and will be upscaled to 576p IF the upscaling feature is turned on. Well I turned the upscaling feature off and I get the green screen.


Samsung HLR 5078W 1080p DLP
Comcast Motorola 6208 HD DVR
Sony STR-DA7100ES

I am being tested on all fronts and patience (along with hair) is wearing thin..... Please help with any ideas.

Some people in the past have recommended cable card, but we can't use because we need the DVR.

aamsergie at hotmail. Thanks again

aly sergie
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