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Hello all,

I haven’t posted on the forums yet so I hope I’m not doing anything wrong with my thread. And my questions definitely pertain to multiple forum locations but I thought it made sense to just do one thread.

To quickly summarize my issues I’m getting into Vinyl and figured I should try to upgrade my current surround system at the same time. I care about the sound quality but don’t have too much Hi-Fi experience yet so I’ve mostly just been reading reviews and researching things.

For the record player I picked up a Pro-Ject Carbon Debut Evo and a Pro-Ject Phono Box DC for the preamp, so I definitely don’t want to short change those with low quality speakers or receiver/amplifier.

I just picked up a pair of second hand Fyne Audio F303 floorstanders for a good price, but now I’m a little hung up on if it’s better to go with a fancier vacuum tube stereo amp and just have a separate stereo system that performs well. Or if it would be better to upgrade my old receiver to something that can power a full set of the Fyne Audio F300 line (a 5.1 setup probably) and possibly add some wallmounted speakers in the future for a Dolby Atmos setup. (And if anyone has done that, how much of an issue is system matching for Atmos speakers?) Does this mean a noticeable loss in audio quality?

Advice on choosing nice stereo Amplifer vs. Atmos-ready Receiver for a Hi-Fi/Home theater setup. And recommendations for either system with Fyne Audio F300 line speakers.


Welcome to the Forum.

You will not get the same quality of audio for stereo on an AV amp as you would on a comprable integrated stereo amp. If you want to use the same front speakers for both film and music then I suggest you get either an integrated stereo amp with HT by-pass to run alongside the AV amp or buy a cheaper standard stereo amp and use a speaker switcher for the front speakers.

You could of course just purchase an AV amp that will do all you want and have those features such as pre-outs for adding a HT by-pass stereo amp in the future. For that you would need something like the Denon X3700.
What @gibbsy said. To do full justice to your turntable and phono stage, you need a dedicated stereo amp. Which one is dependant on budget of course, but for your turntable and speakers I would suggest you need to be spending in the £500 - £1000 range.

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