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Answered Receiver and DAC


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I am new here! I am interested in sounds and images as well.
But I am here today specifically to understand why DAC are so important to convert digital to analog in hi-fi stereo installations and not at all worded in installations made with AV receivers and surround? Is it that the surround doesn't need this dac converter because the surround digital sound is perfect? Or what?
Who can give me some light about this quality sound subject?


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DACs are very important to both. Often good DAC are over looked in AVR systems and over hyped in Stereo system. Its can be said the difference between a good DAC and an excellent DAC is quite small. While to get perspective, the difference good and very good speakers is huge in comparison.


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thanks for your reply.
Do receivers contain a dac built-in or not at all, and it's necessary to add one external?
What is the meaning of the label HI-RES in regard of a DAC?
Are hi-res and dac well married for a very good hearing?
And, at least, are KEF lautsprecher a good premium choice?
Oh! I forget : is it Worth to use an AV receiver only with two speakers?


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Anything that is processing a digital signal will have a dac (digital to analogue converter) All AV receivers (modern anyway) have dacs built in to do this, with higher end receivers having better dacs than the entry level ones (Generally).

I wouldn't worry too much about what dacs an av receiver is using as there are so many other variables that will determine the sound quality, mainly how the AV Receiver processes and decodes the digital signal. Although it may be using their internal dacs as part of this process, a lot more goes on (which is where my knowledge is limited)

Hi Res is just a terminology for digital music files that have a higher sample and bit depth than the industry standard, which is CD quality (16 bit - 44.1khz)

There is no issue using an av receiver for 2ch audio (I do), however, there is really no point in have an av receiver if you are only using 2 speakers.

If you spend £500 on an av receiver, you are buying multiple amplifiers, multiple dacs, additional processors etc. £500 on a dedicated 2 channel amplifier, the money is being spent on only 2 channels, so the materials and circuitry are generally better than that of a receiver which should equal better sound quality.

Regarding KEF, they are a reputable company with a large fan base. They are mainly known for their uniQ array and make a number of different ranges starting from as little as £199 to £140,000.

Speakers are one thing that you shouldn't buy just for their name. go and have a listen and compare to other brands. You may love them or you may hate them.
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