Question Receiver/amp for Wharfedale EVO 4.4


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I have decided to get Wharfedale EVO 4.4 speakers and would like to know what receiver/amp should i get.
Can anyone explain me all the details about receivers, amp's, pre-amp's and other things i should know.
Should i bi-wire them or single wire?
I will use speakers for music and movies and have in plans in future get sub and rear speakers.


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I've been dealing with the same questions every day since I purchased them. I still haven't answer all of them. However for some inexplicable reason Evos 4.4 seem to sound better single-wired than bi-wired. I came across several opinions on this online ( referring to either 4.4s or 4.2s ) confirming my assumptions. Bi-wiring makes them sound more direct/mid-forward and gives more substance and weight to the midrange (which is a good thing in general) but at a cost of almost completely loosing the soundstage (which otherwise is really good, broad and spacious). It feels like bi-wring sucks all the air out of Evos. I still need to double-check it with other speaker cables as I only checked it with pure-OFC Chord Clearway X cables. Probably adding some silver-coating would improve that.

Another observation that I made is that 4.4s are quite unpredictable also in other regards. Maybe because of the sonically-challenging space of the room I have them put into. But in general if I were You I would take an effort to test and swap several amps before you make a decision which one to keep. Some reviewers mentioned that the better amp you connect to Evos the better sound you will get and the difference will be really prominent. I can confirm that even swapping two very similarly specced affordable class D amps (Sonos Amp vs Harman Kardon Citation Amp) can make a huge difference that would be barely noticeable with other speakers.

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