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Receiver alternative needed, please help

sir nodrick

Standard Member
Is this post in the right forum? sorry if not, not too upto speed on the names of the other sub-forums.

Hi Guys,
Help needed please.

After years of having a rubbish tele, I have splashed out and got a Pioneer Kuro LX5090, unfortunately though, I'm now struggling with a sound system for it.

I was going to go down the AV receiver route and get either a Denon AVR 1909, pioneer vsx1018, Yamaha 763 or sony 2400ES and a set of separate speakers.

I wanted the AV receiver to be the “hub” for my home cinema setup and treat the tele as just a panel, running off 1 HDMI lead from the receiver,.

The receiver would pick up the signal from the PS3, XB360, SKYHD and the Wii and send it up the 1 HDMI lead to the tele.

I liked also liked the idea that the picture would be upscaled/improved aswell for when I'm watching none HD signals as I read that the receivers aswell as amplifying the sound, they also amplify the picture signal using DCDi video processing. Would I notice any difference?

However, due to the monsterous size of the AV receivers, I cannot accommodate such a large piece of equipment in my brand new oak sideboard and the missus wants all the electronics out of sight (apart from the speakers and sub box of course) when not being used. (I've already suggested sending the sideboard back and getting a different one with bigger cupboards in it, but that's not an option

Therefore, I have been forced to find another route for the sound system.

One option is that I have found the Sony HT-IS100 system, which appears to be sort of like a sub box, with a receiver built in??

Does this sony system (or other manufacturer system) offer similar features to that of the receiver setup??

I'm not too bothered about the system having massive output power like the receivers do as I live in a semi detached house and I don't want to annoy my neighbours, I just would like the connectivity and the SD picture improvements that the receivers offer.

Any suggestions? What would you do?
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Unfortuately all in ones, tend to offer limited connectivity and usually only deal with the audio, video still has to be routed to the TV.

I am aware of no all-in-one that will give you the functionality you require (upconversion, upscaling, mutiple video/audio inputs. Ask in the all in ones forum, I'm sure they could make suggestions based on your requirements, but if you do go down the all in ones route I would suggest you may need to give up on your upscaling and upconversion facility.

sir nodrick

Standard Member
Right, just had a thought and wanted to run it by you guys…. Instead of getting an AV receiver that will do all of my above required stuff, Could I get 2 slimline boxes and sit them side by side, i.e, one of these: PIONEER PDAV100HD HIGH DEFINITION CONVERTER AND AV SWITCHER - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/3828 for details and then get a slimline amp for the sound system..?? I don’t require the amp to have massive power outputs, so could I get away with doing this?? Would it be possible to recreate all the features of say, a denon AVR 1909 av receiver by 2 separate boxes??


Distinguished Member
Well that box would sort out your video side with upconversion and upscaling (even adding a RGB scart input, which no AV receiver has), however you still need to deal with the audio. With your sources for audio you need something with either at least two HDMI inputs (for xbox and PS3) and one optical (SKYhd) and one stereo RCA (Wii), or at least 3 opticals if no HDMI's and one stereo RCA. The sony HTSF1300 might fit the bill.

Whats the problem then is it height or depth?

sir nodrick

Standard Member
DAM, you know your stuff!!!

Me and the misus have just decorated the lounge and this is our new sideboard/dresser. The problem is, i wanted the av receiver to go inside the cupboard along with the ps3, sky box, xbox, wii, etc and then when not using them, close the door and everythings hidden away except a lovely looking pioneer kuro on the wall.. (there are 2 cupboards, 1 at each end so, before you ask, i wasn't gonna try and squeeze all those electrical items into the one cupboard:D).
I just expected that AV receivers would be available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but later research into receivers showed they are all a standard width of ~430-435mm wide. The problem is, the internal width of the cupboard is only 422mm wide, which even for the pioneer vsx1018 (420mm wide) is too big (when taking into account they need space around them to cool/breathe).

So, i either need:
a) An AV receiver that is a maximum of 350mm wide,
b) One that is designedto stand on its end, or
c) I need to get 2 slimline boxes (the HD picture processor and the amp) to go on the floor tucked away underneath the sideboard
(FYI, its 120mm between the floor and the bottom of the front facsia rim piece, opening up to ~175mm between the floor and the bottom of the cupboard behind the front fascia if you can follow that?).

I know its not ideal, but its the only possible way of doing it, this side of buying a......:rolleyes: dare i say it.... an all in one system :eek: ha ha.

right, so it is possible....yeeeeeey!! :thumbsup:

I shall look into it further and see if there are any other makes/models of that sort of sound system you hyperlinked to, because:
a) although not for definate, i'd like to try and stick to pioneer if the price is right and it features everything i need,
b) I need small wall mountable speakers, not floor standing speakers,
unless you can point me in the right direction of a system that fits the bill??

I think i need to stick a crate of beer in the post for you for all this help!!:thumbsup:

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