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Hi ,I`ve just received a pioneer 433mxe and wallmount.It looks as though it has come without a video card as its not in with the other accessories and the manual says its an optional extra ,purchased seperately. I`ve not been able to check the Plasma screen to see if it`s already fitted .I`ll wait until my son calls tomorrow teatime to help me lift it out of the box ,so I can examine it.I`ve told the supplier, who assures me it should have come with one and says he wil give me a ring Monday after checking the P/screen.If it hasn`t got one fitted then he says they will get Pioneer to send me one.Looks like my weekend consists of fitting wall bracket and then looking at the" bloody big box " with the plasma screen sat in it.Oh well I`m sure it will be worth it when it`s all up and running.Cheers Peter Booth.

Joe Fernand

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If your dealer has had the display shipped directly to you from Pioneer UK you should have received:

1 x Big Box - Plasma display.
1 x Small Box - PDA-5002 video card.
1 x IEC mains lead - these are supplied 'loose' to UK customers (though its not unusual for Pioneers couriers to loose these - as we have found out a few times in recent months:eek: ).

Pioneer will NOT have pre fitted the video card.

If you have a PC you can at least test the display works on its VGA input.

Best regards

I recieved my 433 mxe about ten days ago, the video card was in its own box inside the plasma box, mine came without a IEC mains lead though!


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Thanks for that Joe.
There wasn`t any box with it so they haven`t shipped the boxed video card neither did they send the mains lead. I`ll be speaking to them Monday morning .They are normally a good supplier but they have only just started selling Plasmas . I`ve managed to fit the wall bracket , so the Pioneer screen is now sitting proudly on the wall.I used 8 medium weight Rawl plug bolts to fix the bracket to the took a few hours to measure up and make sure the holes were lining up and of course ,making sure it was sitting "plumb" . All in all I `m quite pleased it went so well . The only way that it will come off the wall is if the wall falls down. Best regards Peter Booth.


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Hi installer ,can you confirm the 5002 video card connections are DVI-Cmposite and COMPONENT. As the picture I looked at on Pioneers website showed DVI,Composite(BNC) and S_ Video_Or am I getting confused and the component connection is to the left and on the pc input area and no t on the video card? I`m trying to work out what leads and cables I`ll need. Hopefully they will be from DvD Player- Component out to Denon amp component in and out . the same as Ntl cable box via RGB out (rgb converted via JS box ) to component which goes in and out component via denon receiver 3300 (which will switch to dvd or cable via amp) i hope.Thats why I am concerned about the Plasma `s described component "in" connection supposedly on the 5002 video card. Any help please? Regards Peter B.
I cant check at the moment as im moving house and its packed away:( . Im not using any connections on the video card though, im having my denon 3800 connected with a component to bnc cable on input 2 (just using 3 of the 5 bnc connectors) and my sky+ box via an rgb converter box to the 15 pin connector on input 1.
Does any one know how to get into the intergrater mode? ive just tried the thx video optimiser on the begining of monsters inc, on the 4:3 and 16:9 circles test im missing the line on the left hand side , anyone else had this problem?


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The PDA-5002 gives you DVI, S-vid and composite. It also enables non-PC resolutions on input 1 (VGA) and input 2 (5xBNC).

Without a PDA-5002 input 2 will only do RGBHV.

With the PDA-5002 fitted it should be possible to do Y Pr Pb and RGsB through the VGA socket. I plan to knock up a lead this afternoon and try RGsB from my Grundig digibox into input 1. Will report back if anyone is interested.



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Directions to get into integrator mode can be found in the technical manual for the PDP-503MXE which can be downloaded from the pioneer Plasma website. 3 parts total 18MB.

Thanks Mattb , do you have an addy for the manual please i can only find brochures to download.


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Thanks Installer,and Matt I fully understand where I`m going to connect my gear to now .(when I receive the 5002 Video card) the only thing I dont understand is "the Intergrater" you mentioned .Thanks Peter Booth
Cheers MattB


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Ive just found the technical manuals from

Clicked on the FAQ's,

saw.... "Do you have the technical specfications of the PDP plasma screens?" and clicked on them.

Down loading slowly now as i type!

Hope this helps, and thanks to those who put me in the right place. The forum software minimises the size of the url's thus making them useless! :(


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