Reccomend me some speakers please, 150 quid to spend?


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I am trying to look about for speaker packages, but its all a bit confusing really, I want the best money can buy for my price, I will go a little up, but really dont want to spend more than about 350 quid on speakers and an amp, but would like 5.1 or higher.

but if I dont get expert opinion I have no idea what to get, I want extened insurance and see Richer Sounds do a super deal on 3-5 years cover, so is there anything really nice in there sales?

would like to know a good amp to go with them as I know just getting nice speakers wont do if the amp doesnt go with them well.

as this will be my 1st real set up, it doesnt have to be really powerfull as its going in a small room and will rarley ever have the volume up really loud, so it needs to sound really nice at lower levels, so any help at all will be great as I definatly need some help thats for sure. :)


Hi there,

I wonder if you have heard of ELtax Liberty speakers?

Well Richersounds stock them, and they are not too bad for the price, it is however a little over your budget.

But every now and again they tend to sell them in a package with a Liberty centre and rears.

Check out the link:

They are £250, but are good value for money. The other alternative is to buy your stuff step by step, and when funds allow.

Have a look anyhoo, and good hunting.



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That pretty much the kind of thing I was just looking at, not too much over budget, it all depends on how much my amp will be and what that will be.
But they seem very nice as I was just looking at some Eltax Matrix System speakers which are a bit cheaper at 150, but dont seem to be that well reviewed, but the ones you reccomended may well be within my budget including 3 years cover as well. thanks a lot :)

now any other say around 200 quid set of speakers? just for comparisons and maybe a little cheaper :)

the SONY STR-DB790 is seeming like a good one for me, if I can get it cheaper on the net somewhere.


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eltax hmmm

you really can do a lot better you know

Yamaha AV Package 25- £250 for a fully blown 60WPC amp with DTS, ProLogic II and Matrix 6.1 with 2 digital ins, binding post connections for good speaker wire for speaker A, front speaker A or B switching and it also comes with a full 5.1 speaker system, including a 55W sub. And what you do with the surplus £100 is try and get a set of Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 floorstanders or even the Mission M73is. or even Wharfedale Pacific pi20s/30s

Food for thought...

mince bigalow

I have a pair of the eltax liberty 5+ floorstanders as my main hi fi speakers which I bought from richers for £100. All I can say is that they are very good for the money. The other option at the price was a pair of mission 702 floorstanders and after hearing my housemates decided that I had definately made the right choice. I'm considering getting another pair for my cinema room with matching centre and rears.


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I'm afraid there is a lot of snobbery with Eltax and Richer sounds, they actually make some very good speakers, and some very cheap speakers that sound pretty good carefully partnered.
I have the Eltax Bipole surround speakers as side and rear effects on a 7.1 set up, and I auditioned some very expensive alternatives as well (wanted to match my B&W fronts) but the Eltax surrounds really are excellent, especially for the money and if you realise your not going to sit there judging them all the way through T3.........!

But I think at the moment the best front package probably is from Hyperfi....Diamond 8.1 for £50 and the Diamond Centre for £30, then pick some surround to suit your budget.

Best regards David


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What can I say, but thanks a lot, nice to know theres plenty out there within what I want to spend, the thing is I could spend a fortune, but as I spend soo much on dvds and other things I thought I would start fairly small for the moment and upgrade in a year or 2.

rozzar that sounds great, the Yamaha AV Package 25- £250 so this includes everything I would need? as 60wpc is pretty fine with me as I dont want to blow the roof off all the time and that price seems nice to get me going. So when you recomend these
Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 floorstanders.Mission M73is, Wharfedale Pacific pi20s/30s does that mean the fronts with the set are not up to scratch? or just nice to upgrade them a bit?

Horny Dragon, them tannoy FX5.1 speakers do seem a bargain from ricehersound, the Pioneer vcxs301 amp also a bargain price. wouldnt set me back more than 400 really and both look classy and are not going to take up my whole room, which is a good thing as I have too much stuff for my room size, mainly dvds. :)

so at the moment what do you lot say between these 2 packages? which seems best for you? price wise I dont mind either, and both seem great, so get replying :) so I can get buying asap.

everyone esle thanks a lot for the input, you all gave me something more to think about. :)


"I'm afraid there is a lot of snobbery with Eltax and Richer sounds"

I actually like Eltax (at sale prices not RRPs) but richer sounds??? Wheres your defense of that statement?


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Thats one thing I may not be able to do, as I know where the nearest Richer Sound is, but getting there is difficult indeed.

The thing I know is whatever i get it will definatly be a lot better than what I currently listen to my films on, which is a 5 year old Philips pro logic hi fi, nice but well defunct and definatly not state of the art, even my PC has better speakers and 5.1 sound.


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Whats wrong with RS?

At least they are honest in selling stuff at reasonable prices, and without the frills.

And you only have to read some of the reviews to find the snobbery, I was not aiming that statement at you bobbypunk.

But I certainly agree with Horny, get along somewhere to audition the package your interested in definately, or find a place that is willing to let you trial them at home for a week, thats the very best way.

Best regards David


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Even RS offer a return before thirty days......

"To return your purchase to Richer Sounds Internet.

We will happily accept the return of your purchase from under the following circumstances.

After the guarantee has expired we will still endeavour to help with any servicing your equipment may require.

All items (excluding styli and cross faders) are guaranteed for a full 12 months for domestic use (second hand/ex-demo/service 3 months). Obviously we can’t be expected to guarantee against misuse (i.e. coffee spilt inside, blown speakers etc.) or excessive wear and tear (i.e. commercial use). Please note that if repairs are done other than by ourselves or authorised agents our guarantee can’t apply. This guarantee is naturally in addition to your statutory rights.

1. We offer a full refund, excluding delivery and collection charges incurred by us if the unit is unwanted and complete with packaging/accessories and in an ‘as new’ condition, we aim to issue refunds within thirty days from collection at the outside."

Worth considering?

Best regards David


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I dont think I would ever return anyway, as its gonna be far supirior to my set up now. but at least I have the option. :)

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