Rec Out Issue on AVR1905



I'm new here so please be patient.

I have an AVR-1905
- VCR inputs via composite video and RCA jack audio (L+R).
- Record out to a Philips DVDR3400 DVD Recorder via both S-Video and composite video. Both use the same audio input (L+R RCA) on the DVDR.

No matter what I do, I cannot get the 1905 to output the video from the VCR to the DVDR. Both of the S-Video and Composite video inputs of the DVDR show no signal. What is curious is that the S-Video rec out output seems to work with other input sources to the 1905 (cable box, dvd player - both on s-video inputs).

As an experiment, I hooked up the Monitor composite output to the DVDR and this worked!

I found something in the 1905 manual that indicated that the rec out outputs would not be upconverted to s-video (only the monitor outputs), but this does not explain why both the S-video and composite video rec out outputs don't work for a VCR input.

I bet I am missing something obvious. Help please if someone else has insight.



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Obvious question - is the VCR set to output S signals ?
I have a strange feeling you can't mix S and composite, but I may be wrong.


I'm not using S-video output on the VCR. I am only using the composite video outputs from the VCR. The VCR is a toshiba with combo dvd/vcr, but the S-video outs are only used for the DVD, not for the VCR.

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