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Reviewed by Simon Crust, 4th December 2010.
[Rec] uses the point of view camera to spectacular effect in this genuinely horrific and scary movie about a TV reporter who finds herself, and the firemen she is filming, trapped inside an apartment building with frenzied infected zombies intent on killing and eating their way through the tennants. Both shocking and intelligent [Rec] eclipses all POV films to date, including it’s own vapid American re-make.

As a Blu-ray package, terrific picture and sound are backed up with a stupendous extras package, that together with its relatively cheap list price makes this the bargain scare of the year, pick it up and prepared to be scared, you’ve never seen anything quite like it.

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Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
It's not your kit, Steve, it's mine, thanks for pointing that out

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Given the price difference (£4 on DVD and £11 on Blu Ray) and the deliberate degradation of the image is it one to save some pennies and buy on DVD rather than Blu ray or will I still see the benefit of an HD source?


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It's not degradation of the image. The film was was shot on a video camera and the original digital files are interlaced (I presume 1080/50i like the Blu-ray), like Lars Von Triers 'Antichrist'.

I would have thought that any theatrical showings of the film digitally would have also been 1080/50i too and so if anything converting the film to 24fps for theatrical presentation on film or for Blu-ray in the home would be where any degradation would occur.


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Great film and great review.

Not sure I'd pick this up as i have the DVD.

Oddly transfixed by Manuela Velasco. Not in a pervy way....ish, but she plays her part brilliantly and I found myself completely drawn in.

Easily the best "lost footage" film made that I've seen. Loved how you so very soon felt there was no hope for them and yet, hoped so much that she or anyone else survives.
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the image is better on Blu Ray, but probably the most noticeable improvement is the subtitles. Instead of those horrible low res "system font" ones you get on dvd, you get nice high res ones that are far less distracting.


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Hmmm very true about the subs.

Most new films are on my Santa list so yeah may pick this one up actually cos I do love it.

LOL, another double dip! Man I must still to my convictions more. Then again the "no dp" rule :eek: went for a burton years ago!


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i'm holding out till it drops to £5.99 or something. Most horror films do after a while..

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