Rebuilding PC : iTunes Playlists, existing content etc. transfer

Dave P2001

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Hi just a quick question that I can't seem to find the answer to in the FAQ or in any other threads.

Basically I'll be rebuilding my PC & I wonder if it is possible to transfer all my current playlists, podcasts, ratings & library etc. from iTunes to my newly rebuilt PC :confused:
Do I just need to transfer a few files & folders across or is it even possible, I know I can rebuild from scratch if I need to but I'm hoping there is an easier/faster option.

I've seen plenty advise on how to transfer the contents of an iPod to a PC but this isn't what I'm looking for as I've all my music on a server which I access from my PC.

TIA :)


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Just copy the entire "iTunes Music" folder from "My Music" on the old PC to the same location on the new one. Make sure that your network share has the same drive letter, and everything should be there exactly the same on the new PC.

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