Rebooting / reseting LG C1


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Just got LG C1 did some setting, installed apps and just wanted to do a reboot/restart and nothing seem to work. Even unplugging, holding for a 60sec or so physical power switch, then leaving for another 30min TV unplugged didn't work. TV is back in 15 sec or so. Any idea how to reboot this thing?

Btw, how do I know that it was rebooted? I takes seconds from resetting it to be back. I went from unchecking user agreement (it gives me a message saying the TV would now restart) to turning off Quick Start+. It takes about 15 seconds and TV is back. Yes, it's longer than normal on/of with Quick Start+on, but there is no WebOs splash screen or whatever during restet. Is it normal?



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Try hold down that reset button behind tv on the left, it will reset WebOs and installed update.

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