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Nov 11, 2001
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I've finally decided it's time for me to get Sky+, so I ordered it yesterday. The main reason for this was that for the last year my terrestrial signal has been getting worse, so if I record BBC1 off the digibox I can't watch another program. I've priced up freeview, and it would be £150 for the aerial and then the box on top of that.
I should be excited and full of the joys thinking about getting Sky+ but I can't help thinking that it won't work and there will be loads of problems. What do you all think about your Sky+ ?
I think it's the best thing I've bought in years.

Your paranoia about Sky+ having loads of problems probably comes from reading the many horror stories on these and other forums.

While I won't deny that some people do experience problems, I do think they are in the minority. From reading about the many faults with Sky+ I feel the main issue is with Sky's customer service when things do go wrong.

So get it and enjoy it.
Got to agree with MonkeyBoy, I've had Sky+ for around 18 months now and it's one of the best buys I've ever made. I've honestly never had any problems since daya one and would recommend it to anyone.

Prepare to watch more TV than you've ever done before though :)

you wont belive the true value until you miss it - my box stopped recording and it took a week to get fixed - everything was missed and I was amazed on how much we relied on live pause
you start to add things you wouldnt really watch
The only problem is finding the time to watch all your recorded programs !!
I would say the same .It's amazing how quick the thing fills up with stuff when you can record anthing .It's not like a video where you have to look through a mag ,then find a tape , then go through all the bother of programing .

When it's a matter of just pressing a button it's more like . put up the guide " that looks ok ,button pressed . So you endup recording anything that looks as though it could be even slightly of interest .

You just have to be carfull to keep room for those all important things like startrek and angel though :D

I just wish you could record two things and watch another though . It's infuriating when there are three things on that you realy want to watch . We can allways hope that the next version will have three tuners ;)
best thing since sliced bread!!:D
I feel a lot happier now :)
Installation is on 23rd March so over a month to wait. Is there anywhere I can see what features to expect ? I've had a look at the Sky demonstration on line but it's a bit crappy to be honest
Originally posted by JohnG
I've priced up freeview, and it would be £150 for the aerial and then the box on top of that.

Do you know that you definitely need an new aerial? If you don't then you'd just be paying for the box, and suddenly you're £150 better off...
Sky+ is the mutts nuts!
High winds knocked off my dish resulting in no Sky for a week - Missed out on about ten series linked programs. Talk about climbing the walls.
Very hard to do without once you've had it.
Yes, I definately need a new aerial, I'm also in quite a poor reception area as I seem to be on the border of Yorkshire and Central.
Only had it for 2 weeks and I love it.
I don't think I could ever go back to my pre Sky+ days.
It's brilliant.

You might of seen my comments about green lines on BBC1 at the moment but I still would not want to go back to having a standard digibox. The series link is a excellent idea that works well and where else are you going to get Dolby Digital film channels? Hope your installation goes well.
Sky + rules & although there are some complaints over bugs, reliabilty & fitting, it strikes me most are more than happy with it. The fitting applies to anything of this nature, the reliability is a relatively small problem (you've also got 12 months warranty to ensure yours is working ok). The bugs are infrequent but annoying, and hopefully will be eradicated. If you want to read a lot of horror stories, read the Plasma forum!
Yes, I think we have to get things into proportion here. We are getting something pretty amazing for £199 - hard disk recording and the ability to record one channel and watch another will be great. When you think that some people have spent thousands of pounds then Sky+ almost seems like a disposable item !!

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