Reasons to hang on to your DVDs

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After a screening of This Island Earth on Blu the other night, I felt the need for some more '50s Science Fiction and once again turned to my DVD collection for a fix. Despite some great recent releases of some classic '50s Hollywood SF in Germany, there are still some classics of the genre still unavailable on Blu.

This prompted me to think of a few other reasons to hang on to your DVDs...

Two from Universal...

DVD The Thing.jpg

DVD It came from outer space.jpg

Three from Paramount...

DVD I married a Monster From Outer Space.jpg

DVD War o fthe worlds.jpg

DVD When Worlds Collide.jpg

Two from Warner (come on Warner - this double bill is an obvious Warner Archive release!)...

DVD Village.jpg

And two from William Cameron Menzies...

DVD Invaders from Mars.jpg

This rarely seen little gem really needs rescuing. Only available on a Spanish DVD of pretty ropey quality, it is crying out for a decent release...

DVD The Maze.jpg

And one of the best British Science Fiction thrillers ever...

DVD damned.jpg

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