Reasons to buy BD mail-order



Lets try to buy a disc from a high street retalier - Gamestation.

One member of staff serving, one member of staff doing a crossword and one member of staff playing guitar hero II.

Present cases for Hellboy and Casino Royale at the counter- can I have these discs please? ( Yes I am willing to pay inflated prices as I want to watch a film tonight)

10 minute delay - staff member #1 cannot find discs.Not one word of apology for the delay.

Staff member #2 decides to help look but gets bored after a couple of minutes and goes back to the crossword.Staff member #3 is still locked in his own world of Guitar Hero but does manage to contribute that if Oldboy was available he would buy a PS3 and that Hellboy was one of the first releases. I manage to restrict the urge to thank him for this information

5 minutes later no Hellboy disc to be found - no apology for the delay- OK I will take Casino Royale please

Arrive home to find I have been given a non sealed copy of Casino Royale - exactly as expected the bovine assistant has managed to deposit enough fingerprints to keep the Forensic Science Service busy for a month (perhaps he is a HD-DVD fanboy? - no I am sure he is a moron)

And you ask what is wrong with this country?


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mate that sucks sure as eggs are... well you know..

may i suggest that a little bit of forward planning goes a long way, if i am going to have a bd fest at the weekend i usually order my gear at a very reasonable price from movietyme or whoever on a wednesday and usually they arrrive within two days, just picked up enter the dragon bd from them as it goes, ordered weds nights arrived ths morning, gotta say i agree with you re. the p!ss poor service to be had in shops these days it's no wonder that etailers business is well on the up these days!! ps shipto have hellboy in stock for 11.99 at the moment so get in and get one.. cheap imho..


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Have to concur re Gamestation, the one in Swindon is quite appalling.

Loud rap music (with obscene lyrics) playing when you walk through the door - okay I'm a big lad, I can take that but not exactly family listening in the middle of the day. Same issue with surly staff standing around the counter either talking to their mates or gaming away, basically anything other than serve their customers.

The recent batch of BD releases from Buena Vista were tucked away behind the shelf for days after release before being put out on proper display.

Seems to me very poor management/supervision both at a national level and of the individual stores. Any manager worth his salt would deal with staff who stood around or acted like that in front of customers - pull them in the office and give a final warning!

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