Reasonable quality wire free headphones?


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I am a little deaf and use headphones a lot so that others are not deafened by the tv speaker volume. I presently have both wired(Good sound but uncomfortable and inconvenient), and some phillips digital rechargeable cordless ones. The phillips have lasted several years but are getting tatty and the sound quality has never been brilliant, with a lot of inteference and signal loss.

I bought some Sony ones but they were hopeless and could hardly receive the signal at all even 6 foot from the aerial,(Phillips work around the whole house to some degree), so i returned them for a refund

Has anyone come across any that have good sound quality and a reasonable range from the aerial that are also comfortable to wear for extended periods?

Recommended model, on line source, price?

Thanks in anticipation:confused:


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I have Sennheiser headphones, supposed to be kind of a reference in terms of headphones (of course, the more expensive ones...).
How much do you want to invest? Mine were 70 euro, and they sound really good. AKG make also very good headphones...


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