Rear surround speakers for 7.1 - which to buy?

Discussion in 'What Speakers Should I Buy?' started by Blarge, Nov 27, 2010.

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    I'm new to the forum as well as being new to decent quality home audio. I just re-arranged my furinture and realized i have space rear surround to make a 7.1 system. My current setup is 5.1 using a onkyo tx-nr3007, polk rti-12 fronts, polk csi-a6 center, polk fxi-a6 surrounds (set to dipole), and am awaiting an Epic empire subwwofer. This is my living room and not a dedicated theatre room so it is used for everything including Tv, movies, gaming, and music.

    My currnt thoughts are to get a pair of directional speakers rather than getting another set of the fxi-a6's and using them in bipole mode. I dont want to cheap out but i dont want to spend the extra cash if not needed. I am looking at polk rti-a3 or the older rti-6 that are still readily available at discounted prices. I already kind of regret getting the rti-12 fronts as they were old news before i got them, but they seem to sound fine with current rti line. Also is a larger woofer necessary for rear surrounds? Any addvice will be much appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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