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Hi... first time I've logged in, so please be gentle.

I'm looking for new rear speakers... the problem is, I have a partner who just doesn't understand the whole AV Cinema thing. So If I want to keep my moderate system, I have to comply with a few rules.... Rear Speakers that iether; Fit in the wall, or ceiling, or are small enough that they blend in.

Any Ideas? I hade thought of M&K, or KEF.

Please advise.

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I am selling a pair of Kef dipole surround speakers on eBay at the moment- they could be ideal for you, as they fix to the rear (or side) walls and are not very visually obtrusive.


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I have just had a pair of B&W CCM 80 speakers installed in my ceiling are surround backs. Have only has them a short while and they are probably not properly run in yet but so far they sound fantastic. They are also very unobtrusive in that, as well as being flush mounted, they have paintable covers so will blend in well. B&W have a whole range of flush mounted speakers which may well fit your needs.


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Have a look at the B&W 600 s3s as well - great little speakers that look superb and can be wall-mounted if necessary. Quite cheap too - got mine from SuperFi for £170 and am very impressed thus far. They are only 28.6cm x 17.5cm, front-on.



Thanx for the help so far (I didn't expect people to be so prompt).

I'm using B&W 602's up front with a B&W CC6... is it wise to use B&W's again for the rears?



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I am is a si milar situation. My GF and I didsn't want the HS to take up the whole room so I opted for Kef q80s.

Supprisingly good sound and they mount flat to the wall#

Have a look here - http://www.kef.co.uk/

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