Rear speakers - When sofa is against back wall


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I have a really nice 5.1 setup in a nice little living room. The front 3 speakers are well placed and so is the sub. But, the sofa touches the rear wall and my rear speakers are quite high up on said back wall. They don’t sound amazing.

They’re classics mission bipoles. I brought one down to right beside me and it still didn’t blow me away, more annoyed me.
Perhaps they’re not very good speakers?

What rear speakers do people suggest, as well as direction?


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I have the same situation. I use a pair of small satellites angled along the wall - facing in. Sounds odd, but they work really well. They are about 12" above head height and pushed out quite wide, so about 3' either side of the sofa.

With the Bi-poles, push them out as wide as possible to avoid localisation and try them 12" above head height. Turning them down also helps - as it makes the effect more subtle and playing with the delay can give a better sense of space if you increase it by about 50% (So if the delay is 3M, increase it to 4.5M).


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I have this situation with a sofa against the rear wall and rears placed high (about 1m above the ear), in fact I have Mission 7ds speakers which could even be the same as you.

In my situation I've never had a room where I could move the sofa forward (at first space, then absolute veto by wife) and I've gotten used to my speakers where they are. Well, to be honest at first I didn't even know I wasn't putting them in the right position. Odd thing is I've grown to love the sound! Playing Blade Runner (orig or new) blows people away as the round really fills the room (I've been asked if I have atmos ;-)

What is it yours missing from them exactly? Have you got an amp you can tweak their volume levels perhaps? I agree moving them too close to the ear would be plain odd. Or is it your room shape which means the sound is either too dispersed (less likely) or too "boxed in"?

However on many films the rear sound is "subtle" for atmospheric noise and I only notice they are there when overt effects or obvious sound pans kick in. Are you after more of an emcompassing sound envelope the entire time?


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Mine are M7DS so they’re basically the same as yours I believe dms. The base of them is just over 1m above ear height. I now recall trying them lower and they did sound better. The problem I have is that there seems to be zero presence. I know it’s only effects but it just seems to be zero, unlike:

A friend of mine has B&W satellites with a big sub and the surround sound is incredible. It is a bigger room and the rears point at the sofa from the sides and the rears were really noticeable, but not in a bad way, in a wow way!

I thibk I’ll try lowering my bipoles again and see how that changes things. I might get some small-ish satellites to try that out, too, before the living room gets decorated.

And, thanks for the tip to try Blade Rubber!


I have my rears / surrounds on the side walls a little above my head and pointing towards the MLP.

They work really well there and just needed a slight tweak upwards volume wise as one sidewall is closer than the other and the amp didn't quite get it right.

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