Rear Speakers required.


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Used for mainly films 80% TV 10% and Music 10%
Current set up
Denon 3313
Fronts Jamo Cornet 30 IV
Centre Mission 7CI
Rears Mission 703
3 Spare (2 used for Wide) Mission M70
Mission 8” Subwoofer

Bought the M70 package 18 years ago.
M703 12 years They were free so not invested at all. Fixed the vibrating issue when the front comes unglued.

I want to replace the M703 as they are too big and we need to put something in their space.

Whether my set up is any good speaker wise or could be improved ?



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Forgot to add,
Room size is 13ft x 13ft.
Sofa back wall. TV in corner in alcove. Front speakers directly infront of sofa on opposite wall 4 feet apart.
Centre under TV, Sub behind TV.
Rears either end of sofa so about 6 feet apart.


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Mission has some wall mountable speakers that could work great. You only need 2screws to mount them.

Then buy some trunking to hide the wires.


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Just wondering if a set of new speakers fronts centre and rears are worth it. With a view to upgrading to Atmos (Upward Atmos speaker on top of the fronts)

I know the 3010i are smaller but would they be a better option sound and looks wise ?

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