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I'm working on trying to build a small home theater, and since I have decided to take the step with a projector and screen, I have now begun to think a little about the speaker setup.

The setup will hopefully be 5.1.2 Dali Oberon setup:
Dali Oberon 5 as front
Dali Oberon Vocal as center
Dali Alteco C-1 as up firing Atmos speaker on top of the front speakers

The question that I can't find answer for is the rear speakers in the 5.1 setup. Dolby's recommendation for setup is 110 to 120 degrees from the middle listening position, which is fine. But the think that I have in mind is to use Dali's Alteco C-1 speakers as rear as well, and place them on the side walls all the way up against the ceiling. However the optimal position recommended is placing the speakers slight above ear height.

Is it possible to do what I have in mind, and place them all the way up under the ceiling on the wall? Dali write in there manual for the Alteco, that you do not need to angel them since there are designed to play very wide, so I should be able to place them flat on the wall and by there angel-down-design, they should do fine as rear speakers for a 5.1 setup? I hope this is a solution?
They will be placed on the walls 1100 mm. from center of the left and right seat, 900 mm. back and 1300 mm. above ear height (see illustration down under)

The other question is, if I decide to go 5.1.2, with two Alteco as Atmos speakers place on top of the front speakers, will this setup of the rear speakers ruin the Atmos experience when the rear sound will come from top and down also, and not so ideal a little over ear height?

Hope someone have some expertise to help me out here, maybe someone have there 5.1/5.1.x system setup like this, but I sadly haven't found it - if other post clarify this, please let me know then, but a search on google and in here haven't solved the problem for me yet.

Thank you in advance!

// Chris


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Could an alternative be maybe to place the rear speakers all the way back on the back wall, approximately 2500 mm. behind the seats, or is this considered too far?

There is roughly 3000 mm. front the seated position and over to each front speakers, if this have anything to say regarding placement of the rear speakers.

// Chris

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