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Hello, the image shows my current layout with where I would like to add some rear bookshelf speakers, but because of the room I am not sure it would work or be worthwhile. The rear speakers would be mounted at ear level or higher. I cannot layout the lounge any other way at this time.
Anyone able to give me some advice on whether it is worth spending the money on the rears?
House-Lounge Area.jpg


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It would work, but might sound a bit odd, as the sofa is very close to the left surround, so that the relative volumes of the two surrounds will depend on which of the three seats you're in. I'd nevertheless suggest that it would be worth it. If you could move everything a bit left (as viewed here), perhaps putting the audio cabinet (and subwoofer) in the corner instead of the speaker, that should give you a substantial improvement.


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I have my surrounds left and right of MLP, not to the extreme you have and I sit pretty much on centre
As @Mark.Yudkin says you may only get the sweet spot in one seat (left hand of sofa looking in plan) but still this layout should work OK, and try to get them a bit higher than ear height, say at 1.3/1.5 meter height


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Are in ceilings an option?


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Thank you all for the reply,
I think I will look at getting the speakers and see what happens, as I am limited in the room layout.
I also agree Mark that I should swap the unit and audio cabinet over. Unfortunately I won't have room for the SW as well as the TV would be right over a large window.
Karkon321, ceiling speakers a big no from the wife, wall mounting is okay.
Now I also have to figure out how to get all the speaker cables to work:)
thanks again,

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