Rear speaker to match B&W Nautilus?


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I have just acquired some Naulilus 805s and the HTM2 centre and and am considering going for 804s etc to complete the 5 speaker set. It may take a while to find some at the right price and in the meantime I may sell my existing 5.1 set. So I need a pair of rear speakers to get me going but I do want them to sound right.

Which speakers would work as reasonably well-matched rears with the 805s? Would something like the CDM 1SEs be a decent tonal match? I heard that the 600 series are brighter so they don't sound promising, but any opinions would be welcome.

You could possibly try getting another set of 805s but they might be a bit pricey. You could always try the new 600 series of speakers as they feature basically the same drivers as the 800 series (i think :confused:) I've got my 805s at the front at the moment and there doing a splendid job and they'll be stopping there until some 802D's replace them and then they'll be doing surround duties but thats a while off yet.

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If you get 804s, I guess you`ll have them at the front and move your 805s to the back. Alternatively, save a bit of money and look out for B&Ws dedicated rear surround speakers. Youve not said what generation your B&Ws are but Im guessing that they are 805s and not 805S. Anyway, what I think you need are a nice set of lovely SCM1s which are the matching rear surround speaker. Similar in characteristics to 805s (same drivers in the same configuration), the SCM1s have a shallow but wide shape which means they are ideal for placing right next to rear walls. They also come with a useful, well made bracket for mounting them. Their wider dispersion than 805s makes them ideal for wrapping film effects but less good than 805s for multichannel music. That said, I use four of them in my system and theyre very good for music, too.


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You could always try the new 600 series of speakers as they feature basically the same drivers as the 800 series (i think :confused:)

Um, no, not quite.

Yes, some of the design philosophies trickle down but they are very different animals, with different components etc.


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Nice speakers those 805...

The only B&W I liked until the CM1 come out...

Keep them and get a pair of Anthony Gallo A'Diva Ti for rear...:thumbsup:

2nd option, Micro Ti
3rd option B&W MT1

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CM1's. Not too expensive and relatively easy to sell on once the 804's arrive.


I use 2 pairs of B&W DS7s at the back to go with my 800 series fronts and they work very well.

Have a look at Sevenoaks ex demo list as they seem to go relatively cheaply (£550 - £700 vs £900 new).

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