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Could anyone please give their opinion on where the my 2 rear satellite speakers should be placed (Tannoy Arena)?

From the diagram – the 3 x S are the front right, front left and centre
Sub is in the corner, under the TV (Pioneer 5090)

1-10 are the possible position.




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Sorry, should have said, TV is fixed and can't be moved.

That link does not really offer anything in the way of assistance for non square rooms with no space behind the sofa or tv in one corner and sofa in the other corner.

Has anyone else got the same kind of layout with 5.1?



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I had a similar layout, and my rears were placed at 5 & 8. Sounded ok. I think 5 & 8 are your best bet.


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4 and 10 could work depends where you sit side the rear speakers are actually side speakers in 5.1 only 6.1 and 7.1 have speakers behind the listening position


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My first 5.1 setup years ago was a corner arrangement like that. My surrounds were nearest your 3 and 10 position (there was another seat between where you have 3 and 4... looks like you have an opening there). They were dipole speakers and were on top of 6 foot tall shelving units that were in those positions. I was living in the states at the time and actually had guides from a company there that included corner placement.

The setup worked well but of course was best in the corner opposite the tv. When using the system alone I piled loads of pillows in the corner and sat with my legs stretched out on the shorter part of the sofa.

That dolby setup guide that hornydragon posted actually is helpful. Try to imagine turning that diagram until the tv is in the corner. You will find that puts the rears at position 3 and 10. I have seen that done in other diagrams. The reason I say 3 and 10 rather than 4 and 10 is because they puts them at a more equal distance from the sofa corner and should spread the rear effects out more for all the seating positions. Placing them quite high will also help with that... wall mounted or on wall brackets if you don't have tall shelves like I did. If they are not dipole or bipole I would try pointing each of them toward the ends of the sofa. You can experiment.

5 and 8 (or 6 and 7) would be a great addition if you ever wanted to go 7.1

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