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HI, Im thinking of purchasing a pair of AE evo 1's as rears and an Evo centre to add to my existing stereo. However im not sure on how to go as far as stands or brackets.
Should I keep my rears at the same height and width as my mains(Heybrook floorstanders) or have them above my head at the corners further apart.
Do I buy stands or brackets?
My room is almost square:( and I have about a 5ft distance between my sitting position and the back wall and 11 ft to the front. Any suggestions? Are the evos too directional to mount up above?Will it sound unnatural?


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Originally posted by greenthumb
HI, an Evo centre to add to my existing stereo.
(Heybrook floorstanders) Thanks

Hi Greenthumb. Just want to ask why you are choosing AE Evo speaker for your centre?:confused: I don't think you could find a speaker with a MORE different type of sound than the warmer sound of your Heybrooks. Have you demoed the Evo's and compared them with your Heybrooks?


As Nobber22 says, you'll be better of with a matching centre, the Haybrookss centre will match the fronts better tonally.

I would still recommend Heybrooks for the rears but you can get away with a different make. As for positioning they ideally need to be on the side walls about 60cm/90cm above ear height when seated, they can be sited just infront/level or just behind the listening position, I find just infront works well for me. I read the review of the AE-Evo1's and they recommend to give them plenty off room, keeping them away from walls, with that in mind I don't know how they will get on being on brackets so close to the walls, you may need to experiment with them. :)


Phew.... Thanks for saving me money. I had no idea they are so tonally different. Is the heybrook centre a good buy or is there any other speakers that I should shortlist? Im going to Southampton tomorrow to have a look and cant really take my speakers on the ferry to audition with. Ican only splash about 350 for centre and rears 'cos i want one of those velodyne beasts to go with it soon:D Cheers

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