Rear speaker placement for new 5.1 setup


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I've just jumped from a 2.0 setup to a 5.1(with exact subwoofer to be confirmed). The room I have is a slightly difficult shape (the black triangle in my fantastic marked up floorplan is a fireplace) and I'm struggling with where to place the rear
speakers (which are Cambridge Audio Minx 12s).

The sofa is in the bay window, and there's not enough room to really bring it forward. I was thinking about the speakers on the side wall facing the sofa. Alternatively they could be in the corner or slightly in front of the listening position on the rear wall.

Any advice gratefully received!


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Position "Y" is the recommended one. You should try and angle them so they are not firing directly into your ears.

If you can mount themon the side wall but further back (see my red "x" on this pic). That would be my choice. Adding the sofa into the diagram will give a better idea of how best to position them.


Hope this makes sense! 🤣👌


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Thanks! That's really helpful. In your new X would they be mounted on the side or rear wall?

Here's a photo of the corner - ignore the mess, we've just moved in. The idea is that the speaker cable will run along the picture rail, although I think it's a bit high for ideal placement. In terms of the sofa it's only slightly in.



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Looking at the picture I'd go side wall (but as close to the bay wall as possible if you see what I mean)!

Edit also mount them slightly higher than ear height and angle them down to your listening position 🙂


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Thank you! I'll do that. You've been really really helpful
Your welcome.

If you need any further help (with calibration etc), feel free to message me. You can tag me in the post by @Jester1066 for example.


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