Rear speaker performance in 5.1 setup


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Hey guys.

Apologies for the novice nature of this post and in turn the generic question.

I have an Onkyo 605 Receiver, and am running the Mordaunt Short Alumni System speakers.

It strikes me that I'm getting very little from the rears. I think I've got them setup correctly, they are plugged into the what would be the side speakers in a 7.1 system as per the instructions with the receiver, but I just can't escape the feeling of dissapointment when ever I sit down and watch a film. There is sound, but its just not that great. My old system, that cost a fraction of this one, was much more involving.

I'm hoping something very simple has been missed, which with a bit of input from someone with a much better technical knowledge maybe able to identify quite quickly.

I currently run a Sky HD box and a PS3, both are connected via HDMI for the picture, and optical for the sound.

Can anyone please give me their thoughts on this?

Many thanks for any help or advice you can give.

Best regards,



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Have you run the audessy setup?

This will tell you if it is set up correctly.

I am running 7.1 on my 606 and it is awesome with the right films!

remember you have to have the amp on the right setting, the ps3 setup correctly, make sure it is outputting 5.1 and the amp is on the correct setting.



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It's often the case that the rears produce very little.
It doesn't mean anything is wrong, it's just the way it is.

I think it's poor and want to hear loads coming out of the back, even though it's technically wrong.

You should feel free to turn the rear channels up to your own satisfaction, just as I and many others do :smashin:


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Thanks for your prompt response.

I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly. I've run Audessy, so thought it was ok, but since trying it with films, I'm less than convinced. I'm positive I'm doing something wrong somewhere.

The settings on the amp and the PS3 you mentioned, what would have these set to when watching a film?

Thanks again.


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