Rear speaker cabling & mains interferance?


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Hi All, thanks for reading.

Am just in the middle of an electrics rewire of the house. The Electrician has run mains cables (for lots of lovely new sockets) in a recess round the bottom of the wall, which will eventually be covered by new skirting board.

I was planning on running my surround sound speaker cable in this recess too, along side the mains cable. I have no idea whether this is a good idea from an interferance perspective - does anyone have any thoughts or experience? My GCSE physics knowledge has deserted me (though oddly I can still remember how to make a rudimentary electric motor :) )!

Thanks in anticipation.



I've had speaker cable running next to mains cable for a few metres and not heard any interference, but it's one of those "received wisdom" thingies that says it will make a difference.

Try lining up a (powered up) mains lead next to your speaker cables, and turn up the volume control (with no input selected) and see if you hear a difference when the mains cable is moved away.

If you can't hear a difference, then there should be no problem.

Unless someone points out that a speaker wire carrying a signal behaves differently to one that isn't carrying a signal in terms of its susceptibility to interference. If that's the case then it goes beyond what I know!

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