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I have been wondering for a while now if I should get some M&K Xenon 36's for movies but have been concerned that they seem to be very small even after getting advice on here that they may be small but their sound was anything but.
Unfortunatly today I had the chance of getting three of them Ex-Dem at a price I could not refuse, so I didn't :D
I would now like to try out some Bi-Polar surrounds to see if they suit me. I had some cheap ones some time ago but never took the time to set them up properly and they ended up gathering dust until I passed them onto a friend. I would like to get the M&K ones but can't really afford them at the moment and stand to loose money if I later find I prefer Mono-Pole. So I would appreciate suggestions as to the best ones to get for now (I would get the M&K's if I found I liked the Bi-Pole sound).
I am wondering if the MA Fx's would be a good starting point and if so should I go for the Bronze or Silver. I don't really want to spend more than the cost of the silver Fx's at the moment.


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It's fair to say that this has not exactly been inundated with replies, so I'll try another question to see if it has any better results.
Are the Silver FX worth getting over the Bronze.


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Hi Mike-M,

Sorry, ive never heard the MA Fx's so I cant comment on them.
But on surrounds my old THX setup years ago were Kef 34ds & they are dipolar
I found them to be great, fantastic rear effects, (probably the best rears I ever had :rolleyes:) only small issue was because they were on the wall either side you had to sit in the centre of them to get a good effect.

Hope this helps abit, Cheers Jonny

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