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Ok, just ordered a sammy SP42W4HPX for the bargainlicious price of £600 inc delivery. Now, I have seen Sammys and other RPTVs instore and they all seem to be screwed together. Like the screen gets screwed to the base, and then that to the cabinet. Is this the case? Im worried that if it comes whole it wont get up my spiral staircase

Anyone know if these things come in parts to be assembled? if not, dont suppose anyone tried to get one of these things up spiral staircase?


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I too have ordered one. Sorry dont know if they come apart but good luck with the spiral staircase!

Have they processed your order yet? I just phoned up as no money had been taken out of my account and they said there had been a delay!

Have you found out any info on setting one up properly? Theres loads of info on the Toshibas but little on these.



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i only ordered this afternoon. im guessing its like a normal tv, in the bargain thread about this i pasted in a link to the manual


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I think you'll find that they definitely are not designed to be disassembled,as the projection assembly is in the bottom part of the TV,and the lens/mirror assembly above that,projecting onto the front screen in the case of a CRT based RPTV,and the projector assembly etc substituted in the bottom of a LCD based TV.
I'd also be very uncertain of the screen geometry being correct after doing anything like that to it.

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I'm not familiar with the RPTV you've mentioned, but my 46" Phillips certainly comes apart as you describe.

I've done it myself when moving house and also to clean the CRT's and mirror.

I assume they are all like that.

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