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I will be purchasing a Panny Ae100 soon. Given the layout of the room I would have the option of rear projection. My screen will be mounted inside a square archway. There is enough room in the rear of that room to position the PJ for rear projection.

Are rear projection screens suitable for home cinema or are they geared towards corporate presentations ?

Are the screens available in pull down screens ?

Does anybody have any views / experiences of rear projection set ups ?

The only rear projection system that I have done was using the Paradigm black stripe system as featured in HCC last year some time. It is very expensive and permanent, though I know Vutec make a rea-pro screen that I think will probably be able to work with a roll up screen.

Gordon, of Stereo Sereo/Convergent AV, will be able to help you best I suspect.
If the area that you are putting the projector in is blacked out then this is deffinitely the best option.

you can then watch films/tv etc. without having to have the room in darkness.

If I had the room to do this this is definitely the way i would go even with a CRT.

if it cant be blacked out then it wont make alot of difference apart from the price of the screen will jump up a little :)

at least you wont hear the projectors fans i guess.
Ok, I'll throw in a complete curved ball here!!!!

I have used for outdoor showings (and I'm talking 10metre wide screens here) a material called Terram.

It's a fibrous matting a little like glass fibre cloth before you spread the paste onto it. The thing is, it's translucent so i do all my outdoor showings as rear projection... it's also the only material I've ever seen in that sort of size which comes as one piece. (I came across it completely by chance when doing an outdoor screening in cambridge in 1997 next to where a new building was being built. Terram is used to put in trenches before foundations are laid..... that sort of thing anyway.)

The great thing is it's pure white.....

Now the smallest i've seen it is in 11m by 4.5 m packs from Ridgeons builders merchants....granted that's a LITTLE bit bigger than you need:D but even that only costs £55. Cut out the piece the size you want, mount it on a roller blind mechanism...and hey presto... a rear-projection screen!!!!

i suspect you;d also be able to paint the area surrounding the picture black to improve the framing.... It looks like the material would accept Emulsion paint.

Now how's that fro something a little different?

A few things to think about there.

How will those solutions compare to a standard matte white screen for Home Cinema use ?

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