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Aug 13, 2002
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Yesterday I bought an ex-demo rear projection set, from a well known retailer (who I wont mention!) - its a thomson 44" widescreen set. Got it for a grand.

After a full days viewing I noticed that the company logo is "burnt" on to the screen - I only notice this when the laserdisc source is selected and I have it on the "blue screen" default.

HOWEVER, a more worrying problem is that there are vertical lines running across the screen. Most of the time this isn't noticeable, but it IS when there's a wash of light colours on the screen e.g clouds, sky, desert etc.

Its bloody annoying.

Not sure what the vertical lines are, as I can't think what could have been on the screen to burn it in this manner.

I wondered if the lenses were out of synch, but the convergance is fine so I have a feeling its not this.

Anyway....where I'm at is this....


1. Get a full refund.
2. Get the screen replaced by Thomson, and get a further massive discount on the set.

Anyone know how much it costs to replace a RP screen?

Any advice out there?

Can't help you with the vertical stripes, but if a logo is burnt in, you will probably (depending on the colour of the logo) need to replace all 3 picture tubes (red, green, blue) inside the rear projector, if the logo bothers you. The "screen" is basically just a plastic surface - the logo is actually burnt into the phosphor coating of the picture tubes. This should cost you more than 500 pounds, so you'd probably be better off returning the set.

Get rid of it quick!

You can get a brand new Samsung 42" projection job - with Dolby Surround, free VCR and DVD and Pace FTA box and stand, from Curries at £1,499 and it's very good!

Screen burn can only be cured by blasting a white screen through the tubes, which is as good as way as any as destroying them...
42" is too small, I don't ever use my VCR and already have a DVD player.
OK you need all the inches you can get, but that doesn't change anything - you need to get rid of it or get major repairs done to get rid of your logo burn in.

Before chip driven TV cameras came in, you could easily make a burn mark on their tubes by pointing at a bright light source - eg the sun - for too long.

The only (very unofficial) cure was to point the camera at a blank, bright plain surface to burn that imaqge over the first burn - if you see what I mean.

It could work in reverse if you left a white screen on the TV for a couple of days.

Incidentally whose logo is it - if it's Thomson's it's worth kicking up a fuss with them for generating it in the first place...
The logo is "Currys":mad:

Well the TV is going to go back.....been hunting around on the net and I was surprised to find a 43" thomson brand new for £1100.

Does anyone know where I can find say a 44"-46" widescreen RP TV for £1200?
oh dear.

To be honest with a post like that, I can't even be bothered to reply to you, except to say this:

You like 4:3. I like widescreen. Nuff said.

I already have a 48" 4:3 RP set.
I wouldn't mind having a debate about the two formats if I didn't have to read such abusive and frankly rude posts - I agree it's not worth replying to.

I really don't see what the use of words like 'ass' has to do with a thread entitled 'Television and Plasma displays'.

But I suppose that's 'Simpsons' culture so beloved of some TV viewers.

16:9 is here to stay in my house and in a couple of years when all broacasts are widescreen, the Luddites can sit and watch their square boxes and wonder what they can't see in each programme...
What question?

:eek: :eek:
Originally posted by Ripco

I was only asking a generalized question in a desensitised manner.


Again: what question?

Seem that you only participated in this post to: show of (your future tv (4:3 lol) and insult! then when people got ofended you defend yourself saying the above quote!

Need a picture?
Jees put the handbags away fellas. I guess if you have a huge 4:3 that has a 16:9 mode for watching anamorphic DVDs then it doesnt really matter. In my experience though, atleast in the UK, most movie fans tend to prefer a 16:9 set. I certainly do at any rate.

Either way its all good.

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