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Hi everyone :)
I tried to Google as much as I could but I'm a real beginner here. Couldn't find an exact answer.
I will be competing in a dance competition soon and I had an idea of projecting something on the background during my routine to have a story for my dance.
Now the lady who organises it told me the background is a black curtain.
Would that work?
And what projector would I need?
Where can I find a quite cheap one?
Do I need other information to be able to judge better?
Thanks in advance for your help :)


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So you think there is no way at all to have a projection? Front wouldn't work on black right? Sad news :(


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Depending upon the material, you could project from either the front or the back. It's difficult to tell, but it looks like the video you linked to uses a rear projection onto a sharks tooth gauze. The bright spot in the middle is the giveaway.

Black curtain is very difficult to project onto as it soaks up the light, so you would need a hugely powerful projector to get any sort of image.

You could use a large white sheet and depending upon budget, either use some tab track to open the black to reveal it, or just use some photographic backdrop stands to hold it up and have it walked onto stage for your performance. This would need front projection, but an ultra wide angle lens - 0.5:1, such as is found on white board projectors would allow for the projector to be placed on the floor at a distance of half the width of the screen. (So, a 10' screen would need a distance of 5') This: BenQ MX842UST - Buy BenQ Projectors from Projectorpoint sort of projector is what you could use.

Other options would be a rear projection screen - if there is enough room, coupled with a short throw projector. Again, you would open up the black curtains to reveal the screen, but this would avoid having the projector on the stage. You could also "fly" the projector from the lighting truss if available. You would need to know the distance between the screen and the flying point to work out the correct lens ratio and would need a suitable projector and flying frame or mount. If you go down this route, you would also need a competent rigger to install the projector and ensure it is all safe.

I would suggest you talk to a local AV hire company and see what the costs are to hire.
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