Rear projection - lay down??

Paul O

Hi all,

I am considering moving my 42" rear projection tv to another house.

However, its going to be travelling 50 miles. It would probably fit in the back of my sisters Corsa (just!), but is it OK to put these beasts on their back, or could this affect the tubes focusing on the screen?

My alternative is to rent a van for the day, but seems a little overkill....

Any advice appreciated.




there was a post on here a while ago about moving rp tvs. As far as I remember it said that it did not matter which way you put them as long as they did not get bumped etc.

Going by the way some of the Comet/Currys etc vans drive around I dont think even this matters!!!!! THOUGH I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT

Paul O

Thanks Shaun,

Since its travelling some distance I think that bumps are inevitable. However, its nearly all motorway which is pretty flat so I think I'll risk it. Just gotta get it down the stairs now....

Interesting point about the Comet vans, hehe!

Cheers mate,


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