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Dec 13, 2002
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Thought i'd finally put some shots of my set up here. It's a rear projection based set up and i'm pretty happy with its performance. It's set in a room of 17ft x 13ft (living room). I've taken a few screen shots also from DVD, SkyHD and HD-DVD.

Apologies if the quality isn't the best, but Photoshop said all images were 100kb, but when uploaded most come around half of that.?

For main components see signature. Cheers.


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Very nice indeed mate, especially the backlighting behind your Sagem DLP RPTV (what are you using?).

The front left/rights look really small in relation to the tv, I'm sure they sound great though as after all they are M & K! :smashin:

Sky HD and HD-DVD = HD Heaven baby! :thumbsup:

Very nice, I've always loved the Sagem, amazing picture quality.:thumbsup:
Very nice indeed mate.:thumbsup:
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Wow that is, infact, amazing.
Very nice mate, and love the speakers. I had a listen to that package while i was demo-ing a PJ. needless to say my attention was more on the amazing sound quality than the PJ. Amazing how loud they go for such small speakers, and the rears are incredible.

Cheers guys, I've seen some pretty awesome systems on here, but with the constraints of being in a small cottage-esque place doesn't allow for too much bashing about. Would like to go for front projection at some point, but might be overkill in such a small gaff.

Those M&K's do look small next to a 56" screen but rest assured, they kick up a right storm. I replaced a Tannoy set up (inc. floor standers) with these due to their output and discrete size. The REL helps out a lot of course. :D

The screen, receiver, SkyHD and HD-DVD are all new components in the last 3 months, replacing a Yamaha DSP-A1, Toshiba 40" RPTV, Pioneer 585AK, and NTL & Tivo. Need to give the bank account a breather for a while though. Maybe tempted to have a bash with a blu-ray player at some point to get a better spread of titles. Couldn't show you the dvd collection because theres over 660 of the blighters and they're spread about the house a bit. Roll on the attic conversion to media library/viewing room.....
I love systems like this, small but all high quality components.

Where did you get those spikes/cups for the centre speaker?
They are Soundcraft sound cones and i got them in Audio Excellence. Had them for years, but have come in handy to try and avoid the centre speakers sound hitting straight into a solid coffee table (trunk).
Thought i'd throw in a few more for good measure, and enclosed one of the my little bar too.


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great setup matey
Nice setup m8t.. Well done
nice stuff mate, all looks good together too. saw a sagem in action was impressed and tempted a while ago
Check out my sister and brother in laws ongoing install. Click the Bath Villa Home Cinema link in my signature. It should be cool when we've finished with it.
Nice setup there Guvna. How do you rate the Sagem's pq? Some 'snobs' aren't too thrilled by the idea of a rear-pro TV, but personally I think the HD picture is outstanding.:)
I think the picture quality is excellent - i demo'd the unit before I bought it and was happy to hand over £1100. I would have got one for my father a few months ago, but AVWOW weren't still selling them.

Love your set up by the way, have come across it before. Very star wars !
Cheers for the compliment Guvna:thumbsup: Star Wars all the way !!!!
Glad you like your Sagem, I know I do :)
I love my M&K's. I bought them when I moved into this house as its a smaller pad than my previous one, but cost more so I wanted quality sub sat.

I would love some of the bigger M&K's but my neighbours don't particularly like me as it is. :D

A projector will be added in the future, way into the future though.

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