Question Rear FX Speaker Placement (again!)

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Hi All

New house and not ideal for rear fx speaker placement. My pathetic drawing is attached. At the moment have placed the BR FX's over the door tight against the back wall. I cannot centre over the door as the opposite speaker must be against back wall due to an air vent.

As I have no real scope for changing side positioning, would placing the speakers on the back wall improve matters at all? Any thoughts on in ceiling speakers?

Listening is 90/10 music, but when I do use 5:1 for films I do enjoy it and would like to have the the full benefit of the system I have.

Thanks in advance

Old Rocker ~~~
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I would try them on the back wall as it may well help with the sound. How do they sound at the moment?

old rocker

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With some films they sound reasonably well, perhaps a slight sense of disconnect due to the height as the bottom of the BR FX is at door height. Other times they sound fairly crap and do have to run them at a fairly high level. The couch is right up to the back wall, at what height would you place them?

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