Question Rear Effects And Sub Advice Needed!


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Hey There

After a LONG TIME saving I have finally began building a home cinema system ..
I have an
Onkyo TX-SR444 Amplifier
Kef Q95 centre speaker
Kef Q55 Front left/right
What would you guy's recommend for the rear left/right speakers and should I stick with bi-wired as the rest are?
Also would you recommend a suitable sub or could I get away without one?

Many Thanks!



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id look at the same range from kef or even any of the eggs but not as important as the front speakers if you don't use the same range

single wire for might not be able to biwire anyway depending on what speakers you get.. also less cable to hide, save the cost unless you already have the cable you could try but i doubt you'll hear the difference as they're only for surround effects and most of the sound comes from the front speakers.

as for sub, depends on your budget and the space you have. you wont go wrong with subs from the likes of rel, bk, and the usual brands mentioned on this forum...its definitely recommended for movies and will mean your front l and r speakers wont need to play as low.
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