Rear centre speaker for Denon 2802


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I spoke to someone at a reputable HiFi store about getting a speaker(s) for my centre rear.

My setup is a Denon 2802 6.1 amp with M72 speaker package (M7DS dipole rears, M7C1 front centre, M72 fronts). I thought I should get another pair of M7DS for the centre-rears to match the existing surrounds, and conect them in either series or parallel because my amp only has one output for rear centre instead of two. But the guy said it could bugger up my amp because of unmatched impedences, etc, if I try to connect two speakers to a single speaker output. He suggested utilising my M7C1 to the rear-centre and buying M7C2 to replace he front-centre.

How would this setup sound with a single (but wide) rear centre speaker? And will the new M7C2 be tonically matched with my M72 fronts?



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If I were you I would go for another pair of M7DS surrounds and just use the one for centre back and keep the other for a spare.

I am also in the same position as you, I have my new amp arriving Tuesday, a Denon AVR-1803 which also use's one centre back speaker, I have Mission 70DS surrounds, I have fitted a small Jamo speaker for centre back, but I don't think it will match the 70DS to well, so i am off to my local Richer sounds on Monday to see if they have some old stock of the 70DS (£100) as Mission do not make this speaker anymore.


I have a 3802 with 6 x 77DS surrounds - it sounds v nice !!!! All voice-matched - so good on rear panning.

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