Rear BRFX Bipole/Dipole Placement help

Which position would you place the BRFX's ?

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Hi everyone, hope this is the right place. I'm after some Rear placement advice for my BRFX's. (Yamaha 475 - MA BX Centre - MA BX2's - MA BRFX's.)

The room is approx 13 feet by 11 feet (10 feet in height). Brick walls, wooden floorboards with rugs.

MA BX2's on stands either side of TV. Centre below.

My seating position will be slightly left of centre (or centre if i shuffle the chair over!) about 7 feet from TV/LCR speakers.

Please see my diagram/vid below:

1. What position would you advise i put the BRFX's in ( Red/ Yellow / Green ) ?

2. What height should they be ? (i've heard ear height)

3. For your chosen position would you put them in Bipole or Dipole.


  • Monitor Audio BRFX Rear placement 3.png
    Monitor Audio BRFX Rear placement 3.png
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  • Monitor Audio BRFX Rear placement 1.png
    Monitor Audio BRFX Rear placement 1.png
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  • Monitor Audio BRFX Rear placement 2.png
    Monitor Audio BRFX Rear placement 2.png
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  • Monitor Audio BRFX Rear placement.png
    Monitor Audio BRFX Rear placement.png
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It depends on whether you've the BXFX speakers switched to dipole or bipole mode? If Dipole then I'd suggest on the side walls in roughly the yellow or the red position. If bipole then they should be located on the rear wall and not the side walls. They neeed to be 30 - 60 cm above your seated head height,

This s my setup with the speakers set to bipole:


Basically, back wall bipole or side walls dipole.


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Hello again Dante, how are things?Thanks for your imput and the photo. I'm actually using the previous model to the BXFX. Its the BRFX. I the timbre might not match exactly but hopefully it'll be close enough. I got them in v.good condition for £80 along with some silver cable. When MA release a new range I mayl sell and upgrade to a matching set.

Have you found that having them on the rear walls provides better sound than the sides?

i'm thinking of putting them in a similar position to yours now (GREEN / Bipole).


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Having them on the sides would be better and more in accordance with how a 5.1 configuration should be set up. The rear surrounds technically need to be to your sides and slightly back as opposed to being behind you, but my room will not accommodate the correct location of the rear surrounds. If you've somewhere you can mount them to your sides then I'd suggest this to be preferable to having them behind you. If mounted on the side walls then they are better turned to their dipole mode. Also note that if using dipole mode then you have to ensure that the right speaker is located to the right and the left speaker to your left. Both speakers will be labelled left and right.


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Yes i can put them behind and slightly back, on both sides. I'll mess around with Bi-pole/Dipole once they're setup, got to get one side's run of cable first. cheers.


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I have my dipoles in the red position in your diagram

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