Rear (7.1) Match to M&K S-150


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I have M&K S-150 at the front and M&K MPS2525 at the rear (prof version of S250 tripole, same size as 150 but tripole) mated with a M&K 350 sub.

I want to go 7.1 but short of £1700 for another pair of 150s what have other S-150 owners done for the perhaps 'less important' rear channel?

I know this q has been asked in relation to the diapole v's monopole debate so rear seems to favour monopole, but not perhaps when used with such a good surround speaker already.



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How about a 2nd hand pair of the dicontinued S85s? If you can find a pair, they can be had for very reasonable money these days.


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I have the opportunity to get a pair of LCR-55s second hand for not too much cash.

They appear to have the same tweeters as the S-150s but different drivers.

I am really only after a bit of a 'fill in' at the back with my MPS 2525 being so competent.

Any views on whether these would be ok for the job or am I just being a cheap skate and should not bother with 7.1 unless I am going to do it properly?


I have a pair of K15's at the Rear and they work really well with my CS29's

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