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Best TV out of the 3 for my Content

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Ok, so here goes.

I had a whoopsie moment with my Panasonic 50" Plasma last year and I purchased an inexpensive "stop gap" 40" Panasonic LCD TX-40CS520B with the promise that I would buy a new OLED once the prices came down.

About 2 months ago I upgraded to SKY Q and well, I am thinking that the current 2017 set price drops are getting very tempting but..there is a big but.

My viewing habits are mainly Football and the occasional film and TV series (Game of Thrones) and chuck in some Netflix and Amzaon prime action and well, that's me.

We sit around 2 to 2.5 M away from the screen in a moderately lit front room.

My mental questions have arisen having read all these forum threads about this brand, that brand, 2017 Vs 2018 versions, banding, colour reproduction, issues with fast paced motion and ghosting / skipping frames this OS being slow, that OS no longer supported and I thought I had narrowed it down to 4 but each one has its own pitfalls and strengths "apparently"

So I thought I would put it to the experts...yes you lot :)

Ok, so for my main watching material, fed from SKY Q
Sky Sports - Football
Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones
Amazon prime - Streaming
Netflix - Streaming

Which of these 4 best suite my needs or should I just sit tight for now??

1.) The usual suspect, LG-OLED55B7V/ (or C7 if you don't mind Curry's)
Current price £1299 from RS and 6 year Waranty

my research:
- Price
- Punchy picture
- Dolby Vision (apparently the future?) lol

- slow processor equals lagging picture processing, weak (relative I know) motion handling so for my beloved Football, possibly not the greatest choice?
B7 stand I don't really like, I prefer the C7 and black trim, but means Curry's Yuk !

- poor colour reproduction (see Panasonic below) out of the box calibration leaves a lot to be desired (apparently)

- Banding, is it really that bad? some on here have had 6 screens to get a good unit... :(

2.) The often overlooked Panasonic TX55EZ952B
My research:
- new price, currently only £1519 from RS with 6 year warranty
- arguably the best out of the box picture regards colour accuracy
- Better than the LG in terms of handling fast motion, so better for my beloved Football ??
- build quality said to be an improvement over the LG
- lots of tweaking options to get the picture and the capability to handle fast paced action / Football judder free and no trailing images (I used to game on a VA monitor..never again thanks)

- OS clunky and not to be supported to well going forward - I saw a single thread on this here..but not sure how applicable I should take it?
- Picture / colours A little bit "dull" / "dim" not as punchy picture as the LG equivalent
- some reports on here about missing / skipping frames on moving white ball games (e.g. football) actually they referenced Baseball, but whatever...this is a concern..IF is it real and can't be tamed with "tweaking"
- No Dolby Vision (is HDR10+ any different anyway? Format wars are not for all)
- This is now End of Line (EOL) with the 2018 sets out

3.) Sony Bravia KD55AF8BU currently £2374 @ RS with 6 year warranty
Again, my research:
- Probably the highest rated for its picture quality of the 3 here
- highly rated processing unit and handles motion (fast paced) allegedly the best out of the 3 here
- aesthetically probably the most pleasing (to my eye)
- Sound is probably the best of the three sets too

- the most expensive by a long chalk of the 3, but I am willing to pay if it is right
- issues with auto dimming sets? Saw this referenced...I assume it is the ambient sensor doing its own thing?
CountrySelector - Sony
Really does look bad... :(

- Sony's OS apparently not the best..but I can live with it as long as it functions,
- No Dolby vision, but promised later with Firmware update?

or I am in the wrong section of the forum and I should go with:

4.) Sony -KD-55XF9005 - FALD (full array backlight) Currently £1614 from Richer sounds, usual 6 year warranty

my research:
- Out of the box calibration a strong point for Sony
- Best technology for fast paced motion (e.g football) with black frame insertion
- Same price as OLED

- Not as deep blacks as OLED technology
- that stand...not the best design
- Andriod OS is apparently slow and behind the times "clunky" often used to describe it
- VA technology so limited viewing angles

So as you can see, I have been torn for many weeks now and I still find a case for each unit...but I am terrified of Buyers remorse or being stuck with something I am not happy over to you my fine friends...which of these 3 sets for my viewing content is most suited and why.

Please vote accordingly and if you may be so kind..please share your thoughts on why you voted the way you did

Your help is most appreciated...because I think my wife is going to kill me if i don't make the decision soon,

Thanks in advance and I look forward to all your expert insight and opinions.

I initially thought my natural progression was PLASMA > OLED but there does seem many issues with this transition, e.g. Plasma handling motion (better or differently) than OLED

Oh and I forgot to mention I have spent several hours pouring over the TV's in showrooms (most recently not ideally, Curry's) but plan to go to Richer Sounds this weekend to try one final time to differentiate between them... currently I prefer the look of the Panasonic's colour pallet, and the style...I have not been able to see SKY Q Sports on this unit though.

The Sony AF8 looks amazing but is it worth over £ 900 more and the Dimming issue is a real turn off for me now.

The LG I fear for motion handling and Football, but the picture is very bright and punchy... but I would prefer the C7 and don't like Curry's so a little bit of me would be crushed if I brought home the B7...too shiny that bezel is (sorry, poor Yoda voice)
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Sony OLED is overpriced and you’re paying for better sound - however you could get a very good sound solution with another OLED with the difference.

Panel issues can happen with any brand so put that to one side.

Possibly worth adding into the equation is the Samsung Q9FN.


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Just found a rather interesting video outlining some key points specifically regarding motion handling:

He calls out the Samsung Q9F in the video....Now that XF9005 sounds right up my Footy street :) and if I really want OLED,...then the Phillips is agony:rotfl::D:facepalm:

Vote is tied...50/50 for the LG C7 and the XF9005 :p


I'd say that the remarks Vincent make are very good as usual but I have to say its going to be a mixed bag when it comes to screen uniformity so having one of the reasons to recommend the XF9005 over the Q9FN is kind of invalid when you can get good and bad with every TV.

But the wise man would wait for the Philips new OLEDs that if you watched closely are out in september.


I'd say that if you care about value for money you shouldn't consider 2018 models like the AF8 or the XF9005 right now, they are still very overpriced because they have just been released.

For me it would be between the Panasonic and the LG OLED, both now competitively priced.

If you value out of the box accuracy then I'd say go with the Panasonic, that overall is probably more important that dolby vision support.

The Panasonic you may find also has superior motion processing.

On the motion processing front, beware that these OLEDs are all using the same panels, so you aren't going to see an improvement from one to the next unless you use the motion options in the TVs settings. How you find the effects of using these options can differ. Many people prefer to leave them turned off completely and they are happy with their OLED motion out of the box. Some people feel that the TVs stutter out of the box too much and prefer them on.

The LG C7/B7 have motion interpolation
The Panasonic EZ952 has motion interpolation and dark frame insertion

You can read more about motion here: Explanation and Best Buys for the Motion sensitive 2017 Edition

On a separate note, I've moved this thread to the correct section where hopefully you will get more replies, hope this helps!


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Threads merged as they were asking the exact same question.


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thanks guys, appreciate the merging of the threads...I think my mind had gone at the point I raised the first thread with all the back and forth, reading, re-reading.

Thanks Dodge for the thoughtful replies, 3am... (I had been asleep for 4.5 hours) :)


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I have also done a little reading and watching (Youtube) of black insertion technologies and I think this is why I held the Panasonic ahead of the LG C7/B7 as it is important to me when I watch my Football.

The Sony XF9005 and indeed LCD in general I have been put off by panel lotteries and I have a cheaper set in the conservatory which has DSE and it annoys me no end.

The Sony AF8 and the A1 firmware update issue has really put these out of my reckoning as I don't want to be subjected to a firmware experiment on my nice new TV (Sorry Sony)


The Sony XF9005 and indeed LCD in general I have been put off by panel lotteries and I have a cheaper set in the conservatory which has DSE and it annoys me no end.
Its the same with OLEDs unfortunately, just less prone overall to have it happen.

I agree with the frame insertion, I use it on my Panasonic DX902 LCD and I like how it works.


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its such a shame, just come back from a local retailer (I won't name them - Mans first name followed by collection of openings) and they had all the TV's but no feeds...literally trying to sell £2.5K worth of TV showcased by freeview.
I will be visiting Richer sounds over the weekend to watch some football content...I have noticed that the Panasonic 2018 units are available...I wonder how these perform compared to the 2017 units that have recently dropped to £1500

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